The data security of your company starts and ends with an approach at all layers of the organization. From a clear policy on security, to a firewall and an antivirus. From complex passwords to training your employees and partners.

Why GoSecure?

The digital transformation, working from home and the multitude of tools we use every day in our work have made all these processes more difficult than ever to implement and manage. Many companies do not have a security team to monitor this closely on a daily basis,  to implement the necessary safeguards and to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

GoSecure is our answer to this complex issue. We offer you a 360° approach tailored to your company’s workflows. We can take care of all aspects of your security policy or we can complete subtasks that are too complex or time-consuming for your organization and  expand the knowledge within your company to tackle these situations.

During an initial GAP analysis, which we do together with your internal tech team, we map out the current situation and identify any vulnerabilities. A plan of approach is then made tailored specifically for your organization, taking into account the budget and specific business risks.

Trusted Partner Network (TPN) en ISO27001 certification process

Our assessment team knows the tricks of the trade and the rules of these frameworks inside out. We help you set up and maintain your iSMS (information Security Management System) and advise you on configuring your network, firewalls, active directory, … We help you to drastically reduce your risks and increase your security posture. We also help you with the complex issues surrounding GDPR and other legislation.

Vulnerability scanning & pentesting

Our security experts search until they find! Depending on the needs, we can draw up a testing policy and look for vulnerabilities in your systems, cloud solutions, software packages and websites. We not only produce reports, but if desired we can also think along with you about remedies and concrete solutions.

User awareness training

Unfortunately, we as humans are the weakest link. Most exploited vulnerabilities are exploited through a bad user action. Technical or not technical, management of employee, we all tend to click, open emails, sometimes reuse a password, … We help you train your employees in recognizing these situations as well as effectively testing how good to deal with.

Implementing security tools

From firewalls to access controll and even a state of the art Endpoint Detection & Response. GoSecure has all the tools to send you safely on the road. The necessary monitoring and reactivity to alarms is also part of of our capabilities.

Increase your IT availability and open up your "disaster recovery" strategy

The plan of action is the starting point, and it is watching over its proper implementation that allows you to succeed in that setting. We think along at a high level as well as in detail about the various components that guarantee your proper functioning and ensure that there is a plan of action for the odd case that something goes seriously wrong. We help you to make this clear to your employees and partners so that in case of problems it is crystal clear what needs to be done.