GoCreate was founded in 2009 by Dietrich De Bruyne, who at that time had been working as a broadcast and satellite engineer for years, in addition to having extensive experience in project management and technical planning in audiovisual media. In its early days, GoCreate was mainly focused on media and production , but we have since evolved into a partner who also bridges the gap between broadcast and IT in business and education , and for governmental organisations.

An Amptec ntwrx company
We teamed up with a bunch of organisations during these 14 years as a company.
One of those is Amptec, their network department Amptec ntwrx to be more precise. We completed several interesting projects together. A similar business approach and a good understanding led to the acquisition of GoCreate by Amptec ntwrx in 2022. 

Our team

Our next-gen IT geeks

Our team consists of consultants with a background in IT as well as audiovisual experts. From video and audio engineering to software: we each have our own expertise, and we can’t wait to put it to good use for your project.

Dietrich De Bruyne

Founder and network engineer

Bert Gielis

System and network engineer

Caro Pintens

Finance and operations

Peter Massart

System and security engineer

Audiovisual communication is gaining importance, and GoCreate wants to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunities it offers. We help you gain more visibility – and get a better night’s sleep. After all, managing projects in IT and media, or crossovers between both, is a specialist’s job. And we are nothing if not specialists.





Where others see solutions, GoCreate sees a flow. We’re not about static results, but about dynamic ideas. We immerse ourselves into your world and we get creative. Thanks to this approach, we arrive at a technically inspired process that matches your needs, situation and budget. We integrate as many existing and new technologies as is needed, without limiting ourselves to specific brands or partners, because we want your system to remain flexible, above anything else. In other words: the product is always subordinate to the result. We have our own extensive range of solutions, but we’re open to alternatives as well – as long as they meet our stringent quality and performance standards, that is.

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