IT is the backbone of almost any organisation today. In an ideal world, that backbone keeps your business together without you even noticing it In that case, you can focus on what matters: your customers, your students, your employees. GoCreate gives your organisation a rock-solid backbone. We specialise in the link with broadcasting and have experience working with a wide range of industries.

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Online lessons and a video library voor Coach VZW

Under the umbrella of Coach vzw, there are five training center for people working in hairstyle, beauty and fitness. They encourage lifelong learning for their people. When the coronacrisis made live classes impossible, Coach’s plans to provide online sessions suddenly gained momentum. Coach vzw’s Director Ingrid De Wolf went looking for a partner to help them with this project, who could give them complete peace of mind. Enter GoCreate. Ingrid: “We’ve had a lot of compliments about the setup and the quality of what we broadcast. The people of GoCreate really excel at their job.” Find out how the partnership came to be, and how it resulted in the creation of an entire video library.

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A safe security environment for Hotel Hungaria

With hugely successful productions like Dagelijkse kost, Huis Gemaakt, Onze Natuur, Hoodie and Olly Wannabe, Hotel Hungaria has solidified its reputation as one of the country’s leading media and marketing houses. Yet Hotel Hungaria is making quite a mark with their security approach as well. Olivier Struyven, CTO and head of Post Production, explains why Hotel Hungaria decided to embark on a proactive security trajectory based on the American Motion Picture Association’s Trusted Partner Network (TPN). In addition to being Hotel Hungaria’s general IT partner, GoCreate is helping out with this particular project. Olivier: “Thanks to their support, we don’t need our own IT department. GoCreate continually explores our optimisation options just like an in-house IT professional would do.”

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The internal infrastructure at Warner Bros. Belgium.

A little under ten years ago, Warner Bros. Belgium came knocking on the door of GoCreate founder Dietrich, asking him to reconfigure their network after they’d bought a brand-new post-production installation. This ‘one-time collaboration’ quickly grew into a strong partnership. Today, Warner Bros. Belgium still turns to GoCreate for advice, as well as for production storage. Belgium. Given that the entertainment company relies on 900 terabytes of storage in our country alone, the importance of the role we play in that respect is hard to overestimate. Talle Leyssens, Chief Technology at Warner Bros. Belgium, appreciates the fact that he and his team can rely on GoCreate at all times.


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